Super Mario Bros Wonder Item Park Search Party Tokens Location

Super Mario Bros Wonder

In Super Mario Bros Wonder, Deep Magma Bog, you will have to complete a search party quest in the stage Item Park. You need to find five world tokens hidden in that stage to obtain the wonder seed. Below you will find the location of all the hidden wonder tokens in the Item Park Search Party,

Super Mario Bros Wonder Item Park All Wonder Token Location

To find the first token, you need to use the elephant power to break the wall on the right side first. Then go towards the right side to find a golden ball. Use the elephant power to push the ball towards the left side and break the wall to get the first token.

For the second token, jump up the platform and hit the golden blocks with your trunk to grow a vine. Climb up the vines and you will find the second wonder token.

The third wonder token can be obtained by using the drill power or the bubble power. If you are using the drill power, you can climb up the blocks on the left of the vines and go through the wall to get the third token. Else you can use the bubble power, and jump over the bubble to reach the third token.

To obtain the fourth wonder token, you need to use the bubble power and use it on the three fishes you can find on the right side of the stage. Once you hit all three fish with the bubble a wonder token will come out that you can obtain.

For the final wonder token, you need to use the drill power, and above the golden ball on the right side, you will find three platforms. You need to get inside the second platform and when it reaches the wall on the right, you need to go through it to find the final wonder token.

All Puzzling Park Search Party Wonder Tokens Location

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