Marvel’s Spiderman 2 City Tokens, Hero Tokens & Tech Parts Fast

Spider-Man 2

In Spiderman 2, there are various types of points you can collect by completing different activities. These points can be spent to upgrade your suit, gadgets, and help you with fast travel. There are four different types of points which are:

  • City Tokens
  • Hero Tokens
  • Tech Parts
  • Rare Tech Parts

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 City Tokens, Hero Tokens & Tech Parts Fast

To acquire city tokens, you will need to complete side quests, such as taking pictures for Photo Ops and gathering Marko’s memories. In total, there are 23 photo ops and 14 Marko’s memories, each yielding a different amount of city tokens.

To obtain hero tokens, you must finish and advance district-specific quests. To do this, simply complete regular side quests, including stopping crime, capturing Photo Ops, collecting Marko’s memories, locating Prowler’s stash, accomplishing Mysterium challenges, and more. This process will earn you XP, which accumulates on the progress bar. You can view the progress bar of a district by opening the map and hovering the cursor over the district; this action will display the district’s name and the progress bar on the top-left side of the screen. Filling the bar up to the third icon will grant hero tokens.

Tech Part and rare Tech Parts can be obtained by completing different activities across the district. These activities are fighting crime whenever you swing across the district, you will find a notification in red, that a crime is going on and you need to stop it—completing Prowler bases, by solving small puzzles and obtaining Prowler old tech parts. EMF Experiments and Hunter Blinds can also be completed to obtain the tech parts. These tech parts can be used to unlock suits and gadgets.

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