Spider Man 2 Just Let Go & You Know What To Do Trophy Guide

Spider-Man 2

In Spider-Man 2, there are 42 trophies that you need to unlock to complete the game 100%. These trophies can be obtained by completing the main quests, side quests, and other activities located across the district. Two such trophies that can be unlocked easily are “Just Let Go” and “You Know What To Do”. Below you will find a brief guide on how to unlock these trophies/achievements.

Marvel Spider-Man 2 How To Unlock Just Let Go Trophy

The trophy represents the time when Phin and Miles won the science trophy in the previous game of Spider-Man Mile Morales. All the science trophies can only be collected by Miles. So, before pursuing this trophy/achievement, you will need to switch between characters by swiping the touchpad left or by holding the square.

Once you have Miles, head to the financial district (located in the lower left southern part of the map). From here, go to the southern part of the financial district. Here, you will find a church, and on the back tower, you will find a blue cube. After locating it, just pick it up using the triangle button, and you will unlock the “Just Let Go” trophy.

Marvel Spider-Man 2 How To Unlock You Know What To Do Trophy

This trophy represents the death of Aunt May in the previous Spider-Man 2018 game. To obtain this trophy or achievement, you will need to go to the Harlem District, located in the northwest corner of the map. Once you reach the Harlem District, travel to the northwest part of the Harlem District. There, you will find a graveyard. You need to interact as Peter and to switch characters open your phone by swiping towards left on the touchpad and holding the square button.

You need to go to the graves located under some trees near the concrete path. At this location, you will find both Aunt May and Uncle Ben’s graves. To obtain the achievement, simply interact by holding the triangle button, and you will receive the “You know what to do” trophy/achievement.

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