Spider Man 2 2023 Hybrid Calibration Plant DNA Puzzle Guide

Spider-Man 2

In Spider-Man 2, after meeting with Harry inside the Emily-May foundation, you will have to complete a few mini-games and puzzles. One such puzzle you will encounter will be hybrid calibration plant DNA. You can solve this puzzle by placing the DNA Hex genes with matching sides. As you can find each hex gene has bars coming out from all 6 sides. You need to match the sides by placing them next to each other. Below you will find a brief guide on how to solve the first puzzle.

Note: On the top side of the puzzle, you can find the plant attributes requirement. You need to fulfill the criteria to successfully complete the puzzle.

Spider-Man 2 2023 Hybrid Calibration Plant DNA Puzzle Guide

In the first puzzle, you will find three leaf hex genes and from each side, you can find some bars coming out. In all three you will find the four-bar is common and you need to match these sides with each other to complete the puzzle as shown in the image above.

The second puzzle has four hexagons. This puzzle contains two plants, one sun, one water, and one hydrogen. You will need to place the plant hex with one bar on the top side at the first top hex. Then, place the sun with three and four in the middle hex. Place the hydrogen hex on the right side and the hydrogen atom at the bottom.

The third puzzle has five hexagons. This puzzle contains two suns, two plants, and two waters. For this puzzle, you will go from left to right. First, place the sun with one bar on the left side in the first hex. Then, place another sun with one bar connecting to the first hex and three bars to the third hex.

The place leaf on the third hex which has three bars connected to the second hex and two bars connected to the fourth hex. Then place another leaf bar connected by 2 bars with the 3rd hex and 1 bar for the right side hex. Then place the water connected to the 4th hex leaf with 1 bar.

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