Spider Man 2 2023 Homecoming Connect Power Node

Spider-Man 2

In Spider-Man 2 2023, Homecoming is the second side quest you will obtain after completing the BV Clubfair. In this quest, you need to help your friend Vijay, to ask someone out for Homecoming. Vijay has already prepared everything with two large screens, but the generator has been busted.

You need to find a generator and connect the power nodes and the large TV to complete the quest. Below you will find where to find the power nodes and how to connect them.

Spider-Man 2 2023 How To Connect Power Node To Generator

First, you need to visit the marked location on the rooftop and charge the generator by pressing L1+Square. Once it’s charged, you need to connect the power nodes back to the TV. You need to connect a total of 7 power nodes to power up the TV.

The first three power nodes can be found on the rooftop as shown in the image above. To connect the nodes, go to aim mode by pressing the L2 button, then R1 to begin the connection. Now move your character and camera using L3 and R3. Then find the second power node to connect, use the aim mode, and again press R1 to finish the connection.

The fourth and fifth power nodes can be found on the blue walls just below the rooftop. There you will find a lot of posters and two power nodes as shown in the image above. You can also find the power line by pressing the R3 button and scanning the area.

Finally go near Vijay and look above the Tv and Right side to find the sixth and seventh power node. Once you connect these, the TV will be powered up. Vijay still needs you to distract his Homecoming partner and guide him towards the TV. After that, you need to power up the faulty Screen by pressing the L1+Square and you will complete the quest.

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