Marvel Spider-Man 2 Antidote Molecule Atom Puzzle How To Solve

Spider-Man 2

In Marvel Spider-Man 2 2023, there are various types of activities you can do apart from completing the main quest. These activities are saving people’s lives, stopping a robbery, bee puzzles, hex DNA puzzles, taking photos, and much more.

One such puzzle you will encounter while using Miles is the Antidote Molecule Atom Puzzle. In this puzzle, you will have to destroy all the corrupted atoms and keep the essential atoms safe. Below you will find a brief guide on the solution of the first molecule atom puzzle you will encounter and how to solve these types of puzzles.

Marvel Spider-Man 2 Antidote Molecule Puzzle How To Solve

The first time you encounter this puzzle while looking for the Black Cat at her apartment. You need to use the AR tech to scan the environment and identify clues. You will find this puzzle carved behind the table, interact with it, and solve the atom puzzle.

In this puzzle, you will encounter three types of atoms, the first one will be the essential atoms (green color) that you need to keep safe. The second type is the corrupted atoms which are spiked atoms in red color. The third type of atom is the neutral atom in brown color.

If you destroy any corrupted or neutral atom, its adjacent atoms will also be destroyed. In this puzzle, there will be three parts. In the first part, on the left side you will find three corrupted atoms, you need to destroy the middle one. On the right side, you will find 5 corrupted atoms. Destroy any one of the middle corrupted atoms to destroy all 5 of them or you can destroy the right most corrupted atom and then the middle.

In the second part, destroy the bottom neutral atom, right side middle neutral atom and left side neutral atom to destroy all the corrupted atoms.

In the third part, the side facing towards you has a single corrupted atom connected with 4 neutral atoms. You can directly destroy the corrupted atoms on this side. For the other two corrupted atoms, you can destroy the neutral atoms marked in the image to solve the puzzle.

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