The Front How Water System Works & How To Use Pump

The Front

The Front is an open-world survival game that allows players to craft diverse items and construct a fortified base. Within the base, it’s possible to establish a large-scale farm, although managing the watering process for these plants individually can become tiresome.

One effective solution involves the utilization of sprinklers positioned above the small crop plots, all connected to a switch for convenient plant watering. However, achieving the automation of all sprinklers with a single switch demands the prior crafting of specific items. Below you will find a comprehensive list of the required items and a guide on how to successfully connect all sprinklers to a single switch.

Note: You need to have your farm beside a river to make this system work.

The Front How Water System Works

For the automation of small crop plots, only a small water supply (Dew Collector) and a sprinkler are required. Simply connect the water cable from the dew collector to the sprinkler input, initiating water spray if the dew collector contains water.

For larger-scale farm automation, an intake pump, water pipe, and multiple sprinklers are necessary. If the farm is located on elevated ground while the river is positioned at a lower elevation, a pressure pump can be utilized to bolster the water supply uphill.

Commence by placing the intake pump in the river and connecting it to a sprinkler. If the river is in a low-lying area, link it to a pressure pump. From the pressure pump, connect the water cable to the sprinkler.

Both the pressure pump and the intake pump require electricity to function. Refer to our previous guide HERE for instructions on setting up solar panels for your farm. Connect the power generated from your solar panels to an input on the circuit breaker. Place a splitter adjacent to it and link the splitter’s input to the circuit breaker’s output.

Subsequently, connect the intake and pressure pump cables to the splitter’s output to activate them. Each sprinkler has one input and output connector. Connect the initial sprinkler with the pressure pump water cable and subsequently link all the sprinklers to one another. You can now switch on the circuit breaker to activate all your sprinklers simultaneously.

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