Lords Of The Fallen Noblewoman Set Where To Find It

Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords Of the Fallen, there are various kinds of armor sets that provide different resistance to attacks from enemies. The Noblewoman set consists of four items which are Noblewoman Headwear, Noblewoman Dress, Noblewoman Sleeves, and Noblewoman Leggings. This set provides good damage mitigation against the Holy, Fire, and Wither damage types. Below you will find the location on where to find this set and how to reach it.

Lords Of The Fallen Where To Find Noblewoman Set

To find the Noblewoman set, you need to wrap to the Vestige Of The Forgotten Guardian in the Upper Calrath area. After wrapping up, head out and go towards the right side. There, you will discover a damaged head sculpture, and you must transition to the Umbral Realm by using the lamp.

On the right side of the broken head sculpture in Umbral Realm, you will find a ladder to up. After going up on the top left side you will find a corpse that needs to be Soulflayed to open a blocked path. Once the door opens up, go through that path and you will find an emergence effigy to exit the Umbral Realm.

After that keep going forward on that path and you will end up in an open area with a few enemies on the front. Defeat them and on the right, you will find a stair. Take the stair and keep following the path till you jump down a platform.

You need to go towards the left side but on the right, you will find a shortcut door to the big open area where you fought a few enemies that can be opened. After opening them turn back and keep going forward and then take a right to get inside the house with a few barrels stored. On your first left, you will find the collectible item glowing on the ground. Pick that up to find the noblewoman set.

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