Lords Of The Fallen- Faithful Trophy/Achievement Guide

Lords Of The FallenIn Lords Of The Fallen, there are certain trophies/achievements that can be unlocked in the game for each player who fulfills the required condition or performs a specific action. The “Faithful” Trophy is rewarded when you complete a questline of a specific NPC i.e. Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis. In this guide, we have explained everything you need to do in order to complete the questline and get the Faithful achievement in your account.

Faithful Trophy/Achievement Guide For Lords Of The Fallen

After unlocking the pathways with the help of Abbott Vernoff’s Key, you will be on your way to the Tower Of Penance. At the intersection, you will notice a door i.e. locked where Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis can be found. Talk to him before proceeding to the Abbey.

Warp to the Vestige Of Rosamund and proceed forward to climb all the stairs. Once you reach a location where a giant tree with red leaves is found in the courtyard. Climb the floor above at the same building to find Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis on the 2nd Floor.

Talk to him and exhaust all his dialogue. He will tell you to bring all the banners to him. From there move forward to climb the stairs ahead and enter Umbral Realm to move across any crossed paths. Once you have made your way across a huge building where you will encounter a boss after interacting with an artifact i.e. “Rapturous Huntress Lirenne“.

Tattered Banner Location

From the current location, climb two flights of stairs and advance forward until you exit the building. Once you exit the building, there is a pathway that will be blocked by a gate. Use your Umbral Lamp and pass the gate to reach the end of the Abbey. After a while, a creature will spawn that will drop Tattered Banner after it’s defeated.

Damaged Standard Location

Apparently, there is one more item i.e. required to complete his task. Warp back to the Vestige Of Brother Jeremiah to go where you have found the Abbott Vernoff’s Key. From there exit through the side where you had unlocked the doors using Abbott’s key to get the Saintly Quintessence. Instead of going inside the chamber, on the outside, you will find a flight of stairs going upwards. On the side of the stairs, there would be a cart where you will find the dropped loot. Use your Umbral Lamp to reveal a small path to enter it.

Use the Lever to call the elevator in order to explore the tunnel. After you have moved a few steps ahead, there will be a grilled door that needs to be opened. Open the door and collect the Damaged Standard.

Final Task

Finally, you can proceed ahead and meet Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis at the last known location i.e. near the giant tree with red leaves. Once you have unlocked the Vestige of Iorelo the Cursed Knight, go outside, and climb the stairs. After climbing 4 sets of stairs, you will find a body pierced with the banner.

Collect the loot from the body that will give you:

  • Stomund’s Flail
  • Banner of Our Immaculate Lady
  • Stomund’s Shield
  • Stomund’s Gauntlets
  • Stomund’s Armour

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