Anime Champions Simulator- Where To Find And Defeat All Eggs?

Anime Champions SimulatorAnime Champions Simulator is a team-based fighting game in Roblox where you have to defeat bosses that are situated in certain areas. Slowly growing your strength through combat experience and with the power of friends, you will be able to overcome anyone that comes your way. However, if you are stuck in the Land Of Ants then we have a quick walkthrough that will guide you quickly.

Where To Find And Defeat All Spider Egg Locations For Anime Champions Simulator

Enter the “Land Of Ants” where you will be subjected to defeat three different colored eggs. Specifically, Orange Egg, Blue Egg, and Purple Egg. Where can you find all the eggs to complete the quest line?

Exit the ranch and cross the river via bridge. Follow the path on the right and move forward. Once you see a path diverge that leads you to a cave of some sort. Enter the cave!

Blue Egg Location

Once you have teleported into the cave in Land Of Ants, there will be a diversion. Take the left route and while sticking to the wall move forward. You will be able to see the blue eggs on the wall which will indicate that the Blue Egg which is destructible is located inside the particular cave. While hugging the left wall, move forward and you will find the Blue Egg to destroy.

Orange Egg Location

From the entrance of the cave where the blue egg is viewed, hug the wall on the left and count the stone pillars i.e. situated in the middle. Once you reach the first stone pillar, turn right and pass the pillar to approach towards right side of the tunnel. At this point, you will be able to see the orange egg. Enter the cave and destroy the Orange Egg.

Purple Egg Location

From the entrance of the cave where the orange egg is located, move out from where you just entered. There would be two ways i.e. left and forward. Take a left turn and walk ahead to enter the open area of the cave. At this point, instead of going to the far left of the tunnel, move forward towards the middle tunnel. In this instance when you approach the tunnel, you can see the purple egg. Enter the cave and destroy the Purple Egg to complete the quest.

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