Anime Champions Simulator- Mining Rig Location

Anime Champions SimulatorIn Anime Champions Simulator there are various quests in each World that we need to complete and earn gold to repair the portals and advance to the next world. In the Final World i.e. “Land Of Ants” there are multiple quests that you need to attend to. One of the quests that requires you to defeat the Mining Rigs is quite troublesome. Therefore, in this guide, we have explained where and how to find the “Hidden Criminals” and defeat the three Mining Rigs located in the Land Of Ants.

All 3 Mining Rig Location In Anime Champions Simulator

Green Mining Rig Location

Starting from the village or ranch, exit through the entrance and go towards the left. You will notice a small entrance to a tunnel. Enter the tunnel where you will find the Green Mining Rig from the get-go.

Rusty Mining Rig Location

Next, exit through the other side of the tunnel and keep on moving straightforward until you reach the river.

  • Cross the bridge and take the right path.
  • Follow the path and on the next diversion take left.
  • On your way look on the left side and when you see the opening in between the mountain, jump and enter it.
  • Enter the tunnel and you will find the Rusty Mining Rig inside it.
Steel Mining Rig Location

Exit the Rusty Mining Rig and go towards the general direction where the Spider Nests are. Instead of entering the nest, go straight till you reach the river again. Now follow the river till you see an Inverted U-shaped structure on the top of the river.

Pass through the inverted U-shaped structure where on the right side, you will find the tunnel entrance that will lead you to the Steel Mining Rig. It has the highest health so good luck and deal required DPS to complete the quest.

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