Lords Of The Fallen- Location Of Raw Mangler Axe

Lords Of The FallenWhen you begin the game in Lords Of The Fallen and selected one of the famous Condemned Classes, each and every weapon is much appreciated to increase your damage output. Similarly, Raw Mangler Axe is an item you will obtain quite early in the game which is preferred by most of the players. If you do not know where you can find the Raw Mangler Axe, then do not fret as we have covered everything in this guide.

Location Of Raw Mangler Axe In Lords Of The Fallen

Raw Mangler Axe is one of the early game items that you will find near to Vestige of Hannelore in Redscope Village Entrance. Advance forward and take a right turn to go forward till you get close to the huge tree. Instead of battling the enemies ahead, make a turn to the right where there would be breakable carts that have blocked an area.

Break the cart and enter the area where you will find an elite enemy. In this area, you will find a ladder to climb. Use the Umbral Lamp to reveal a bridge on the top to walk on. Once you have crossed the bridge, drop down on the small area to the left where after battling the enemies, you can loot the Raw Mangler Axe.

Raw Mangler Axe requires 13 attributes of stats dedicated in Inferno. For more informative guides on Lords Of The Fallen, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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