Lords Of The Fallen- Location Of Fitzroy’s Complete Armors Set

Lords Of The FallenIn Lords Of The Fallen, there had been numerous Lampbearers in the past before you who have taken the glorious journey to defeat the mighty Adyr. Many have fallen as you will fall into the realm of the dead, however, they don’t know your resilience that will make you crawl back to the Axiom. To make it easier, there are armor sets that provide bonus resistance to certain types and complement your build. If you are looking for Fitzroy’s complete armor set then read it below.

Location Of Fitzroy’s Complete Armors Set In Lords Of The Fallen

In Fitzroy’s Gorge after you defeat Ruiner on the bridge, make your way forward in Umbral realm. Instead of going down the slope, you can climb up a platform where a black reaper is found. Make your way forward by soulflay-ing the platform to cross.

You will reach a tower, now all you need to do is climb the tower to reach its peak. On its peak, you will find a chest next to a huge fire altar. The chest contains the complete armor set of Fitzroy’s i.e.:

  • Fitzroy’s Helm
  • Fitzroy’s Armour
  • Fitzroy’s Gauntlets
  • Fitzroy’s Leggings

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