Lords Of The Fallen- Location Of Crimson Rector Sword And Shield

Lords Of The FallenIn Lords Of The Fallen, there are multiple weapons and gears that can be equipped according to your style and build to maximize its potential. However, unique weapons are found in specific areas that need to be located by exploring both realms. Crimson Rector Sword and Shield can be used as a pair from the early game which will empower your class if your attributes meet. The unique style of the weapon and the base physical stat make it one of the desired weapons.

Location Of Crimson Rector Sword And Shield In Lords Of The Fallen

Warp to the Vestige of Chabui in the Sanctuary of Baptism. From here, you can make your way outside in the open and move onwards to where you will find the Skyrest Bridge Key. The Skyrest Bridge key can be found Soulflay-ing the corpse in the Umbral realm. Before turning to the bridge where the key is located, move straight to where you will find the ladder in the Umbral realm.

Climb the ladder and a corpse will be found lying with Crimson Rector Sword. After collecting the Crimson Rector Sword, drop down and go to Soulflay the corpse in the skeletal bridge to get the Skyrest Bridge Key. Advance forward and use the statue to return back into the Axiom realm.

From there climb the stairs where you will find another corpse lying near the fountain. Here, you will find the Crimson Rector Shield. Unlock the gate using the Skyrest Bridge Key to access the Skyrest and you can also backtrack from the Vestige Of Ethryg.

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