Lords Of The Fallen Bloody Glory Location Best Radiant Sword

Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords Of the Fallen, there are various different types of weapons that you can find by defeating enemies or exploring. One of the best swords you can find for the Radiant build is the Bloody Glory Sword. To wield this sword you need to have at least 20 Strength attributes and 32 Radiance attributes. The sword damage scales with strength and radiance. This sword also afflicts 300 bleed damage to enemies upon each hit. Below you will find the location of where to find this sword and how to reach it.

Lords Of The Fallen Where To Find Bloody Glory Sword

To find the Bloody Glory Sword, you need to obtain the Pilgrim Perch Key. Then visit the Vestige of Agatha in the Pilgrim Perch Bellroom. There use the key to open the Bell door and go inside. Take the right path, keep moving forward and you will reach some wooden platforms and planks that you need to cross.

After crossing them you will find some barrels, and from there go towards the left side and use the lamp to switch to Umbral Realm. Keep moving forward till you exit the cave and once you reach outside take a left.

After crossing the spine bridge, you will find a big bell, and beside it will be a door. Enter the door to get inside one more cave and keep going straight to find a flower bed and a ladder. Climb up the ladder and keep moving forward till you reach a stone statue.

From the statue, you need to go towards the right side and keep going up the stairs by dodging or killing enemies. At the end of this path, you will find a lot of tombstones. On the last tombstone, you will find a bloody soldier. There you will find the Bloody Glory Sword.

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