Lords Of The Fallen Abbot Vernoff Key Location Where To Find

Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords Of The Fallen, to access a few areas related to the main quest or the side quest you will have to find the key items. These key items will unlock a specific door that will help you progress in the game. One such location is the Manse Of The Hallowed Brothers that requires the Abbot Vernoff key to unlock the locked door. Below you will find the location of Abboit Vernoff Key and how to find it.

Lords Of The Fallen Abbot Vernoff Key Location

Abbot Vernoff’s key is required to open the door that grants passage to Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. After reaching the locked door that requires Abbot Vernoff’s key, you need to look back and take the leftmost stairs.

Go up the stairs and on the left you will find a door to inside the castle. Get inside through the door and take a left. There you need to switch to Umbral Realm using the lamp and you will find a ladder to climb up.

Use the ladder, go outside the castle, and keep progressing forward till you reach wooden platforms and wooden stairs. Take the stairs and on the left, you will find a stack of wooden crates. Break those crates to find stairs leading downwards to a room.

In that room, you will find the Abbot Vernoff Key, but to reach that you need to go down. Directly jumping down won’t be possible as you will be high enough. You need to jump down plank by plank and keep going forward till you reach an emergence effigy. Look back, jump down, and keep going forward to an altar with a few cultists and you will find the key.

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