The Front- How To Upgrade And Build Bigger Base

The FrontThe Front is a massively multiplayer online strategy game where all the inhabitants are a threat to your existence. Gathering resources quickly and strengthening your base will allow your survival rate to boost significantly. Apparently, you must have come across a few bases that are huge compared to anything you have seen as they cover a wide area. If you are questioning how to build or upgrade your base to such an extent then we have got it covered in this guide.

How To Upgrade And Build A Bigger Base At The Front

To upgrade your base, you will need to upgrade your Spacetime Beacon. You can check what type of resources are required by interacting with the Spacetime Beacon and bringing out an option wheel to select the option “Upgrade“.

Upgrading the Spacetime Beacon will increase its range which will allow you to expand and cover a larger distance. This will enable players to create a maze and install traps all around the corner to protect them from any type of raid.

Now, you know how to expand and design a bigger base. For more informative guides on The Front, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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