The Front How To Setup A Solar Panel Farm

The Front

In The Front, there are a plethora of things to do and build. You need to build your base, machine, vehicles, and much more. Machinery that you build requires fuel such as crude oil. You can check out our previous post HERE on where to find it. As crude oil is a precious resource used by almost all machinery. However, relying solely on oil will rapidly deplete this resource.

Therefore, it is advisable to utilize solar power generators to create alternative energy sources. But before you can tap into this energy source, you need to unlock it.

How To Unlock Solar Generator

To get started, open the tech tab and navigate to the lower section on the right-hand side of the metal processor in the tech tree. Here, you’ll find the solar generator. Unlocking it will grant you access to the solar generator, which converts solar energy into electricity, and the lead acid battery cluster, used to store the solar-generated electricity.

Where To Set Up the Panels?

Just like in real life, construct the solar panels in areas that receive ample sunlight. The direction of the panel doesn’t affect its generating capacity but ensures it is in an open sunlight area.

The Front Solar Panel Setup

Each panel can output 25 units of power. Depending on your requirements, you’ll need to determine the number of panels you require. After constructing the solar panels, use couplers and cables to direct the generated electric current into a single source. One coupler can direct three sources of electricity into one.

For instance, if you have 9 panels, you’ll need 4 couplers: 3 to direct the electricity from the 9 panels and 1 to converge the electricity from the 3 couplers into the lead acid battery cluster. Once the battery has stored electricity, you can connect it to any point that requires power.

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