Lords Of The Fallen- Location Of Sunless Skein Key

Lords Of The FallenAfter battling against countless monsters and gaining countless experiences in Lords Of The Fallen, we must have noticed that few doors or paths are locked and require specific key items to unlock them. Similarly, a Sunless Skein Key will be required to unlock the doors in various regions. If you are looking for the key then look no more as we have explained where you can find it pretty easily even if you have missed it earlier.

Location Of Sunless Skein Key In Lords Of The Fallen

Sunless Skein Key is located in the depth of Sunless Skein. Warp to the Vestige of Catrin in Sunless Skein Hoist. From the location, move forward to where you will notice that the mine is filled with water. To drain the water, press the lever and lower the bridge to unlock the straight path that leads you to a small tunnel. Cross the tunnel, and next unlock the chest in the first area.

After getting all the contents from the chest, advance forward through the tunnel and climb the ladder to drop down in the next area. In this area, you will have to interact with the lever in order to unlock the gate. In the same room, instead of descending the ladder, break the crates to reach the loot i.e. shining at the corner. The loot is Sunless Skein Key.

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