The Front How To Start PvE Enemy Waves Attack

Lords Of The Fallen

The Front is an open-world exploration game developed by Samar Studio. There are various things to in the game game such as farming, crafting, raiding, recruiting, and base defense. You can base can be raided by other players as well as AI enemies.

In the trailer, you might have seen a horde of zombies raiding bases. Your job is to place traps and defend your base against the enemies. While doing so, you will also be completing quests and will be rewarded with a lot of rare items. Below you will find how to start the Player vs enemy mode and defend your base against zombies.

The Front How To Start PvE Enemy Waves Attack

To start the PvE enemy waves, you will need two structures which are Spacetime Beacon and Creature Lure. You will find these two structures in the tech tree structure menu. It will be located in the first row, fifth recipe set. Once you unlock these structures craft them and place them in your base.

To craft the Spacetime Beacon, the resources required are 18x Wood, 15x Stone, 10x Fiber, and 1x Ether Shard. To craft the creature lures, the resources required are 5x Iron Ingot, 45x stone, and 1x Ether shard. After crafting these two structures, place the Spacetime Beacon inside the base and the creature lure outside.

To start the PvE, you need to interact with the Spacetime Beacon and click on the receive button on the bottom right corner of the screen. After that, the PvE will start and upon completing it, you will obtain Ether shards, a blueprint pack, and a Supply pack.

The early rounds of the PvE will be quite easy to complete and you will receive a lot of rewards after completing it. Place the creature lure structure outside the base and enemies will come from that side to attack your beacon. Placing stairs is a great way to keep the zombies busy as they will have a hard time climbing them. So instead of coming through the stairs, the zombies will break them but it might take some time and in the meantime, you can finish them off.

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