The Front- How To Farm Ether Shards

The FrontThe Front is a massively multiplayer online game where resources such as Ether Shards play a huge role in developing your character and base. There is a Tech Tab where the Skill Trees are listed that unlocks various workbenches, advanced machinery, weapons, traps, etc. To unlock the skill tree, first, you need to reach a certain level, and next, you will need Ether Shards. So, what are all the ways in which you can gain/farm Ether Shards?

How To Farm Ether Shards At The Front

Ether Shards are obtained after you complete the missions. Check your Survival Log and you will find rewards that are mostly Ether Shards. The more you gather resources and develop your base, the more you will be getting constantly through the Survival Log i.e. game progression.

The most important and prime method of farming Ether Shards is through claiming rewards from Spacetime Beacon. This is one of the efficient ways to farm Ether Shards, however, this is not all. Another way of farming is looting the points of interest and enemies (humans or bots).

Explore the wilderness, and you will have a chance to obtain Ether Shards but it is not a consistent way of farming. Even you can Raid Monster to get Ether Shards! Finally, you can trade Ether Shards with other players.

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