The Front Farm Plant Mucus Unlimited Supply

The Front is an open-world survival game where you need to collect various types of resources and build a base for yourself. There are a plethora of things you can craft in this game and to craft these items you will need a lot of resources. One such resource is Plant Mucus, at the early stage of the game, you won’t require Plant Mucus much. But after reaching level 25, you will need this resource in huge amounts. This resource is also used to make rubber and to obtain an unlimited supply of it you can follow the guide below.

The Front Farm Plant Mucus Unlimited Supply

Plant Mucus can be obtained from different bushes and plucking weeds. But the best way to obtain it is by harvesting the dandelion plants. To set up your unlimited supply of Plant Mucus you will need a few things first. These items are a small crop plot, dandelion seeds, and a sickle.

To obtain the small crop plot you need to first unlock it from the tech tree. Open the tech tree and visit the structure menu, there on the bottom beside Manual Miner, you will find the Fish Basket and Small Crop Plot recipe set.

To craft a small crop plot the resources required are 20x wood, 15x stone, and 20x fiber. Once you craft the small crop plot place it near your base in the open. Once placed you need to find some Dandelion seeds. These seeds can be found by harvesting the Dandelion plants.

Dandelion plants are not rare and can be found on the ground. Look for the small plants with 3-4 yellow flowers on them. Once harvested you will obtain some Plant Mucus and Dandelion seeds. Now plant these seeds in the small crop plot and wait for them to grow up.

Once they are ready for harvesting, equip your sickly and farm Plant Mucus. Each time you harvest these Dandelion plants, you will obtain both the seeds and the Plant Mucus. After harvesting plant the Dandelion seeds again and repeat the process to get yourself an unlimited supply of Plant Mucus.

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