Lords Of The Fallen Where & How To Unlock Umbral Magic

Lords Of The Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen has three different types of magic that you can character can perform in the game. Umbral magic is one of the magic that can be performed after obtaining one of the Umbral Catalysts. There are specific character classes that are associated with this magic which are Orian Preacher and Pyric Cultist. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find the catalyst and spells to cast Umbral Magic.

Lords Of The Fallen Where & How To Unlock Umbral Magic

To be able to cast an Umbral magic spell in this game, you need to first obtain an Umbral Catalyst. There are 6 Umbral Catalysts available in the game and the best way to obtain one quickly is by buying from an NPC. These catalysts are:

  • Charm Of Fortune Sights
  • Hungering Knot
  • Lost Berescu Catalyst
  • Nohuta Effigy
  • Putrid Child Catalyst
  • Sunken Beseecher

The NPC you will be looking for to obtain an Umbral Catalyst will be located in the Skyrest Hub. But you won’t be able to find the NPC in the Axiom realm. To find and interact with the NPC, you need to switch to Umbral Realm.

From the Vestige of Ethryg, on the right-hand side enter the first room. The room will look like a dark chamber with four pillars and chains surrounding them. In that room, you will find Molhu by switching to Umbral Realm. Interact with the NPC and you will be able to buy the Charm Of Fortune Sights for 650 Vigor.

You can also obtain the Umbral Catalyst by defeating other enemies that use Umbral magic. These catalysts can be dropped upon their defeat just like other pieces of equipment (Weapon and Armor).

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