Lords Of The Fallen- How To Respec

Lords Of The FallenLords Of The Fallen is a souls-like game and much like any other, you are capable of changing your stats and character at any instance of the game. To fight against countless monsters, your character needs to be built different. The constant spoils of the war have contributed to your experience in order to gain incredible battle prowess. However, the attributes of your character might be assigned prematurely at the beginning which will still haunt you in the current run. Give this a quick read and you will know all the things you need to do to respec your character.

How To Respec Your Character In Lords Of The Fallen

  • To respec your stats, you will need to own a Rebirth Chrysalis.
  • Next, you will need to talk to Pieta in the Skyrest.
  • Select “Reset Build“.

All your assigned stat points will be reassigned and reset to the base class of your character. After that, you can respec all the attribute points according to the build you have in mind. This will cost you a Rebirth Chrysalis.

The steps are more straightforward, however, players might struggle to find where to get Rebirth Chrysalis. Therefore we have compiled this guide for you along with other content whose links are mentioned below the description:

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