Lords Of The Fallen- How To Rescue Kukajin/Petrified Girl At Forsaken Fen

Lords Of The FallenIn Lords Of The Fallen, you will meet various types of monsters and creatures in the realm of dead and living. However, not all are aggressive towards your existence and start attacking you. As a protagonist of the story, you will have an opportunity to save damsels in distress. At Forsaken Fen, you will find a lady who is petrified or turned into stone by a sorcerer a long time ago. She asks you for help in the hope that you can save her from her misery. Here’s what you need to do.

How To Rescue Kukajin AKA Petrified Girl At Forsaken Fen In Lords Of The Fallen

After activating the Vestige of Valade in Forsaken Fen, you will encounter a petrified lady or a lady of a statue i.e. alive in the road ahead. She will be fragile and prone to break if you have accidentally dodge-rolled over her. Thus, letting you have the Kukajin’s Sword. However, if she is in one piece then talk to her and she will explain how she was swindled by a sorcerer. She wants help to get back into the normal state and get released from her sorry state.

There is a way in which you can return her back to a normal state i.e. by using the spell or consumable that cures ailments. The Sanctify spell i.e. a Radiance Spell which can be used in an area to cure her ailments and free her. Similarly, items such as Empyrean Grenade can be thrown at her in order to cure her ailments and release her.

Initially, she will gift you a Pendant of Induration for releasing her. She will ask you to meet her again at the bridge which she meant “Skyrest Bridge“. Talk to her and she will introduce herself and offer help when fighting against the bosses in return for Vigor. Once you complete her quest i.e. to accompany you and fight against the boss, she will drop items such as:

  • Kukajin’s Sword
  • Kukajin’s Armor
  • Kukajin’s Gloves
  • Kukajin’s Leggings
  • Envenomed Shield

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