Lords Of The Fallen- How To Defeat The Hushed Saint

Lords Of The FallenIn Lords Of The Fallen, there are multiple bosses whom you are going to encounter and defeat in the bout to progress forward. Some are optional whereas few are unskippable. One of the unskippable bosses i.e. “The Hushed Saints” seems to be a worthy opponent and a thorn guarding the rest of the area ahead. We have provided a few important tips that will help you prepare and approach the boss differently.

How To Defeat The Hushed Saint In Lords Of The Fallen

The Hushed Saint is one of the bosses you will encounter in the Forsaken Fen. The boss wields a huge halberd and a shield to attack primarily. His attack pattern also includes summoning a horse to ride and charge at you. Little preparation before the boss fight is necessary in order to defeat and collect the Remembrance of the Hushed Saints with ease.

Assign Briostone to the Quick Access Item as you might never know when it can be your lifesaver. He is weak against Bleed and Burn, so you can coat your weapon with these statuses. Instead of summoning an ally, it is recommended to fight the Hushed Saint solo. This will redirect all the focus and attack on you which will make it easier to confront and dodge. Instead of focusing on attack, make sure you reserve your stamina to dodge more. Meanwhile, sneak 1 or 2 swings and remember not to be greedy.

During one of the attack patterns, Hushed Saint will summon his ride and charge at you. You can easily dodge and wait for him to jump down at his own leisure or throw him face-first on the ground. In the Umbral realm, you will find a field of parasites bloomed in the field. Use your Umbral Lamp to see the parasites and blow them off at close proximity whenever he is riding the horse. The explosion will throw him off from his horse which will let you sneak attacks easily.

After dropping health to half, make sure you dodge the projectiles by rolling towards them instead of dodging away. It’s a matter of learning and recognizing his moves first and chipping away at his health slowly.

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