Lords Of The Fallen Free Tortured Prisoner & Unlock Inferno Items

Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords Of The Fallen Skyrest Bridge area, you will find a room locked that requires the Skyrest Bridge Key. In the room, you will an armor set, a few items, and an NPC locked inside a cell. You need to free the NPC by using the umbral lamp Soulflay ability on three entities. Below you will find where to find the entities, free the tortured prisoner, and location to buy Inferno spells.

Lords Of The Fallen Free Tortured Prisoner & Unlock Inferno Equipments

After you have unlocked the secret room under Skyrest Bridge and obtained the Descrie Guide armor, you will find a tortured prisoner inside a cell on the upper floor. The tortured prisoner is one of the NPCs in the game that will sell you Inferno items.

To free the tortured prisoner, you must find and destroy three entity corpses in that room. After interacting with the tortured prisoner, use the lamp to switch to the Umbral Realm. Then go down the stairs and you can find a broken baluster halfway through.

You can jump from the broken baluster onto the statue and behind it, you will find the first corpse that you need to Soulflay. Drop down from the statue and on the passageway with multiple statues holding fire lamps over their head you will two stairs. One on the left side and the other one on the right side.

The left side stairs will lead you downstairs where you will find the second corpse and the right side stairs will lead you upstairs where you will find the final corpse. Once all the corpses are Soulflayed a door will open near the final corpse and inside you will find an item called “Searing Accusation”.

Give the item to the tortured prisoner and the next time you use a vestige she will be freed. You can find her near the entrance of the first boss you encounter Pieta.

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