Lords Of The Fallen- All Magic Schools Explained

Lords Of The FallenLords Of The Fallen allows players to experience the realm of living and dead i.e. known as Axiom and Umbral. In the dark world, you will have an opportunity to dabble around and experience the various types of magic that are associated with the respective schools. Whether you are basking in holy light, summoning meteors out of thin air, or covering your blade with the pure essence of death each school of magic will provide a distinct advantage to the players. So, let’s learn more about the School of Magics.

All Magic Schools In Lords Of The Fallen

There are countless spells in Lords Of The Fallen, however, they are categorized into three different schools i.e. Radiance, Rhogar (Infernal), and Umbral. These schools of magic are explained in the following:


Radiance is a holy magic attribute i.e. blessed by the god Orius. The Radiance magic has a wide variety of options for buffing and healing. Apart from taking a defensive stance, Radiance magic has few high-scaling offensive magic spells. Speaking of scaling, the Radiance spell scales with corresponding to your character’s Radiance attribute stats which means it is more potent and effective if your Radiance stat is high.


Rhogar is a magic associated with the god Adyr. As the god of Chaos and destruction, the spells are all offensive type that deals infernal damage to a single enemy or an area. The Infernal spells scale with your character’s Inferno attribute stats. The higher your Inferno stats are, the higher your Infernal spell will deal damage. The wide variation of ranged spells and summons makes this class a true glass cannon pyromancer.


Umbral is the magic attribute based on the Umbral Realm. The Umbral spells scale with your character’s Inferno and Radiance attribute stats together. The Umbral spells are widely preferred by the Crusaders who do not associate with any school of magic. Channeling the essence of death in the world of living and dead, your character will have the potential to deal astonishing damage.

There are specific classes that are dedicated to the type of magic such as Orian Preacher and Pyric Cultist. Orian Preacher spells justice while radiating the holy aura with each attack whereas Pyric  Cultist spells doom and destruction that leaves the ground ablaze at the place of encounter. However, Umbral spells can be performed by any class as they have become proficient due to the exposure of the realm of the dead during their journey.

Remainder Of Spells

There are spells that have elemental affinity such as Poison, and Ice. These are considered to be utility spell that affects the enemy based on their health and stamina i.e. irrelevant to the character’s Inferno and Radiance stat. Nonetheless, the mana will be depleted when you invoke the spell.

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