Lords Of The Fallen Upgrade Weapons & Blacksmith Gerlinde

Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords Of The Fallen, before you can upgrade your weapons, armor, and equipment you need to first rescue the blacksmith from a certain location. Once the blacksmith is rescued her shop will be available at the Skyrest, the hub where all the other NPC will be available. Below you will find a brief guide on how to find the blacksmith and rescue her.

Lords Of The Fallen Where To Find Blacksmith Gerlinde

To find the Blacksmith, you need to visit the Pilgrim Perch Bellroom, Vestige of Blind Agatha. From there you need to go through the tunnel and defeat all the enemies. Once you are outside the tunnel, jump onto the hanging platform to cross the gap. Once crossed, you will find a straight path that will lead you to a spike-head enemy, and beside him will be a ladder going downwards.

After taking the ladder, you need to switch to the Umbral realm to proceed further. There will be one more ladder leading downwards, where you will find a lot of enemies. You can either defeat them or go past them to find a ladder going up. Take the ladder, keep following the path, and go towards the right side towards the big bell structure. Jump down the platforms and you will find a door blocked. You need to Soulflay three entities to unlock the door.

To find these entities you need to follow the glowing veins. The first entity can be found on the top right side of the door. The second entity can be found on the left side of the door. For the third one, you need to take a path opposite to the closed door. Go down the path and after reaching the end, look down on your right side to find the final entity. Soulflay all three of them and return to the locked door to use Soulflay once again to unlock it.

Once unlocked go inside to climb down two ladders and find a lift that will take you back to the Pilgrim Perch Bellroom where you can use the vestige and leave the Umbral realm. Then use the lift again to come down again and defeat all the enemies to find the prison key. Use the prison key to free Gerlinde.

Lords Of The Fallen How To Upgrade Weapons & Equipment

After rescuing Gerlinde, you can fast-travel to Skyrest and find Gerlinde’s shop where you will be able to upgrade your weapons, armor, and equipment. To upgrade your weapons and equipment you will need Vigor and Deralium Fragments. You can find these items by completing various quests, defeating enemies, and finding treasure chests.

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