Lords Of The Fallen Skyrest Bridge Key & Best Starting Armor

Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords Of The Fallen one of the best-starting armor you can obtain just after defeating the first main boss Pieta. The armor is called the “Descrier Guide” and you can find four parts inside a treasure chest. These parts are Descrier Guide Wrappings, Descrier Guide Leggings, Descrier Guide Garb, and Descrier Guide Mask. The treasure can be found in a locked inside room that needs a skyrest bridge key. Below you will find where and how to obtain this key.

Lords Of The Fallen Skyrest Bridge Key & “Descrier Guide” Armor Location

To find the Skyrest bridge key, you need to reach the Vestige of Chabui. From there go outside and take a right and you will find two ladder that goes down. Take the ladder down and follow the wooden platform pathway till you reach a lift. Use the lift go up and from there take the stairs down, and follow the path, till you reach an end point.

On the right side, you will find an empty area where you need to show the lamp to reveal a path. After going a few steps, unequip the lamp to fall and use the lamp again to reveal another path. Now you need to visit the Umbral realm to use Soulflay on an entity to bring the platform towards you. Follow the path and you will find another entity in the middle on whom you need to use the Soulflay to obtain the Skyrest bridge key.

From where you found the key, keep going straight, take a left, and after crossing the rubble of rocks in a few steps, on the right you will find the secret room. There use the Skyrest bridge key and inside you will find a treasure chest that contains the “Descrier Guide” armor.

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