Lords Of The Fallen- How To Unlock Rune Sockets For Weapons & Shields

Lords Of The FallenIn Lords Of The Fallen countless monsters in the realm of living and the dead are waiting for you to make a mistake that will lead you to your demise. To their horror, you have a way to increase your combat prowess by installing runes in the sockets for your weapons and shields. There are multiple runes and each rune has different buffs or bonuses that will be applied to your selected equipment. This feature will not be unlocked from the beginning and requires a specific item to be found and submitted to the blacksmith.

How To Unlock Rune Sockets For Weapons & Shields At Lords Of The Fallen

The item you are searching for is a “Cracked Rune Tablet“. Once you have a Cracked Rune Tablet in your possession, warp back to Skyrest and visit the blacksmith to hand over the Cracked Rune Tablet. Gerlinde will now have an option to Socket Runes which will work fine and can be used to install the runes that you have in your Inventory.

Where To Find The Cracked Rune Tablet?

Warp to the Vestige of the Pale Butcher located in the Shuja Hamlet. Advance all the way forward through Fitzroy’s Gorge and explore the cave ahead. Inside the cave, you will find a ladder that will lead you downstair to where the vestige flowerbed is found. Not far from the vestige flowerbed, descend the ladder and you will find the Cracked Rune Tablet on the edge.

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