Lords Of The Fallen How To Join Multiplayer & Share Loots?

Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords Of the Fallen to join a multiplayer co-op with a friend or a random person, you need to interact with a vestige. These are the checkpoints where you can upgrade your character level. Interacting with a vestige will show up a menu on the left side that has four options which are Rest, Warp to Vestige, Upgrade Character, and Multiplayer. Below you will find all about the multiplayer option and shareable loots.

Lords Of The Fallen How To Join Multiplayer

In the multiplayer option, you will find four options which are:

  • Beckon Lampbearer – In this mode, you invite a random Lampbearer to your world that can help you during a boss fight or other areas.
  • Beckon Friend – In this mode, you invite a specific person that can be your friend to your world.
  • Accompany Lampbearer – In this mode, you will join a random Lampbearer world assisting them during a boss fight or completing an area.
  • Slaughter Lampbearer – In this mode, you join another Lampbearer world to execute them.

If you are playing on PC, currently there is no way to invite your friend to play on Xbox or PS. You can invite your PC friends via the Beckon Friend option. Before choosing any of the options above, make sure your multiplayer online setting is set to Yes. You can do so by visiting the settings menu and selecting the multiplayer option. There select online mode to “Yes”. To leave a multiplayer or co-op session, you can visit the multiplayer menu and select the leave option. While crossplay is enabled in the game, you won’t be able to invite a specific friend.

Lords Of The Fallen Shareable Loots

In the co-op or multiplayer mode, only the host has the ability to interact with the quest, key items, world items, and NPC. While all the members can obtain Vigor, normal enemies drop, currency, use stores, and level up only the host has the ability to fast travel and choose between Axion and Umbral Realm.

If the guest dies in the host world, he won’t be teleported back to his world but rather become a spectator and wait till the host revives them. The host and the guest can drop items from their inventory and share them with each other.

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