Lords Of The Fallen Find Pilgrim’s Perch Key & Open Bell Door

Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords Of The Fallen, the Pilgrim Perch Key opens up various locked and bell doors that contain armor and weapons. In these locations, you will find enemies to be stronger and deal more damage. To obtain the perch key, you need to find an NPC and buy the item from him. Below you will find where to find this NPC and how to get the item for free.

Lords Of The Fallen Where To Find Pilgrim’s Perch Key

Before reaching the first boss Pieta, you might have encountered a door with a bell in the middle. Finding a way to open it was futile at that point in time. The door is located near the Vestige of Marco the Axe and there are other similar doors as well.

This door can be opened only after obtaining the pilgrim perch key. To find the key you need to locate an NPC called Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis. You can find this NPC in the Skyrest bridge and the pilgrim perch key can be bought from him for 9500 Vigors.

If you have already progressed the game a lot and couldn’t find the NPC in the Skyrest Bridge, that means he has left to meet Immaculate Lady and instead of him you will find a note and the Skyrest Bridge. This way you don’t have to spend 9500 Vigor and obtain the key for free.

Once you obtain the Pilgrim Perch Key, go to any bell door or locked door in Pilgrim Perch and use the key to open it. You can find these doors at:

  • Left side of Vestige Of Blind Agatha there is a bell door.
  • Near Gerlinde the Blacksmith there will be a locked door.
  • Near Sacred Resonance of Tenacity, there will be a locked door.
  • After passing the chamber of Scourge Sister Delyth, you will find a locked door on the right.

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