The Front- How To Get And Use Blueprints

The FrontThe Front is a massively multiplayer online strategy game where we have to defend against the mutants and other factions that will target your base. It is necessary to increase your level quickly and advance your skills which will help you to fortify your base. To assist you in your goal, Blueprints can be obtained which can be used to craft certain items or structures.

How To Get And Use Blueprints In The Front

Blueprints are obtained from the chests as well as from defending your base successfully after the invasion. The blueprints obtained do not have any special conditions to be used. A simpler blueprint such as a wall can be crafted normally when you have the ingredients required in your possession. Furthermore, if you have a blueprint i.e. a weapon then to use it, you will require the necessary ingredients as well as a weapon bench.

You can’t craft anything out of thin air if you don’t have the Tech skill tree unlocked with respect to the blueprint item. The item crafting from the blueprint follows the same method as the crafting done through the base item. You will require the necessary crafting table or working bench in order to craft the item from the blueprint.

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