Lords Of The Fallen How To Get the Adyr Ending

Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen, a gripping action role-playing game, has emerged as a timeless classic in the gaming sphere. With its 2023 edition, the game continues to enthrall players with its immersive storyline and challenging gameplay. Set in a dark and atmospheric fantasy world, it beckons players into a realm where they must navigate through treacherous landscapes, battle formidable foes, and uncover ancient mysteries. There are three different endings in the game and below you will find a brief guide on how to obtain the Adyr Ending. Obtaining this ending will also unlock a secret class called “Lord”.

Lords Of The Fallen How To Get the Adyr Ending

To get the Adyr ending you will have to cleanse all the five beacons located in Forsaken Fen, Upper Calrath, Fief of the Chill Curse, Tower Of Penance, and the Empyrean. But you shouldn’t cleanse the beacons at the beginning but after obtaining the Empowered Rune Of Adyr.

First, you need to defeat all the Colossal Bosses that are guarding these beacons and obtain the Rune Of Adyr. You can find this rune in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters or by defeating the Iron Wayfarer. In the Bramis castle, you need to fight another boss called Sundered Monarch and interact with the effigy of Adyr. Doing this will change the Rune Of Adyr to the Empowered Rune of Adyr.

After that, you can cleanse all five beacons and defeat the boss Judge Cleric to cleanse the beacon in the Empyrean area. If you have already defeated her, you can find her true form near the beacon that you need to interact with. Progress with the game and you will obtain the Adyr Ending. Obtaining this ending will unlock an achievement called “Lord Of The Risen

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