Lords Of The Fallen (2023) How To Get The Umbral Ending

Lords Of The Fallen

In Lords Of The Fallen to obtain the Umbral ending, you need access to four floating platforms in Mother’s Lull. To unlock these floating platforms, you need to first interact with Molhu located in Skyrest Bridge, and obtain the Scouring Clump. This item can be used in Revelation depths well to visit Mother’s Lull. Below you will find how to raise the four platforms and obtain the secret ending.

Lords Of The Fallen How To Get The Umbral Ending

There you will find a Remnant from whom you can obtain the Damarose Seedpod. Using this seedpod on Damarose will kill her and you will grant access to the first floating platform. Again interact with Remnant to obtain the Gerlinde Seedpod.

Give the seedpod to Gerlinde whom you have rescued from her prison cell in Pilgrim Perch. She will be in the Skyrest Bridge and killing her will grant access to the second platform. Now you need to defeat the Lightreaper in Bramis Castle to obtain the Lightreaper Umbral Parasite, that you need to place in the Skyrest Bridge column with an open slot.

Then visit the Remnant in Mother’s Lull to obtain the Melchior Seedpod. Then obtain the Rune Of Adyr from the Abbey of hallowed sisters and give the rune to the Remnant in Mother’s Lull. By doing this you will obtain the Withered Rune Of Adyr. At this point, you won’t be able to obtain the other two endings.

In the throne room of the Bramis castle after defeating The Sundered Monarch, you will find the Adyr effigy and Melchior’s body. Use the seedpod on the body to kill her and gain access to the third platform. Now visit the Fief of the Chill Curse in the Umbral Realm to find the Iron Wayfarer and use the Withered Rune Of Adyr to kill him and obtain Harkyn Umbral Parasite.

Now go back to Skyrest Bridge and insert the obtained Harykyn Parasite in the column open slot.  Interact with Molhu and Pieta and then finally have the boss fight with Elianne. Defeat her to obtain Elianne’s Umbral Parasite. In the Skyrest Bridge column use the Parasite. Then visit Molhu and interact with him to learn about the last seedpod that will kill Molhu and you will gain access to the fourth platform after that. Use the platform to reach the end and unlock an achievement called “Back To The Void”.

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