Lords Of The Fallen (2023) How To Get Radiant Ending

Lords Of The Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen 2023 is an action role-playing game developed by HEXWORKS, and  Defiant Studios. There are three endings available in the game, depending on the path you have chosen and the quest you have completed in the gameplay. One such secret ending you might get is the Radiant Ending which will unlock a secret class called “Radiant Purifier”. Below you will find how to get this ending and unlock a secret achievement.

Lords Of The Fallen How To Get Radiant Ending

To obtain the Radiant ending, you need to defeat all the Colossal bosses guarding the beacon and cleanse the beacons one by one. There are five beacons available in five different locations which are Forsaken Fen, Upper Calrath, Fief of the Chill Curse, Tower Of Penance, and The Empyrean.

After cleansing the first beacon, you won’t be able to get the Adyr ending and after cleansing all the five beacons you won’t be able to get the Umbral ending. You need to defeat these bosses found in Bramis Castle and find the effigy of Adyr to get this ending.

In the Bramis castle, you will encounter The Iron Wayfarer, whom you need to defeat to unlock the gates. If by this time Damarose the Marked is alive, you might encounter her as a boss whom you need to defeat. You can kill Damarose by obtaining the Damarose Seedpod from the Remnant in Mother’s Lull. She is a follower of Adyr and an NPC merchant who can become a secondary boss depending on whether you used the seedpod or not.

In the castle’s final area, you will find an unskippable boss called The Sundered Monarch whom you need to defeat to access the Stateu of Adyr. After defeating the boss, interact with the statue to visit the Rhogar realm, where you need to fight the final boss Adyr, The Bereft Exile, and obtain the Radiant Ending. Upon obtaining this ending you will unlock a secret achievement called “In Light, We Walk”.

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