The Front- How To Get Followers

The FrontThe Front is an open-world survival MMO game where we need to collect resources, and craft structures to defend. Performing specific actions will increase your level i.e. required to learn and unlock new crafting recipes from the Tech tree. Once you have built the Crafting station, you will notice that there are Followers Bar. Is there a way to gain a follower? If so, then how and where to gain the followers for your base.

How To Get Followers In The Front

In order to get the Followers, first you will need to build a Simple Jammer i.e. found in the Tech Tree under Tech Tab. Possess a gun that can deal significant damage to enemies. Finally, you will be required to store different types of food in your Inventory before going in search of Followers.

Simple Jammer is a device i.e. used to block signals from creature controllers in order to free them. It requires Iron Ingots, Tapes, and Ether Shards to craft one. Here, you will need a bunch of Simple Jammers i.e. at least 20 in your possession so that you do not lack.

After preparing yourself, you can go in search of enemy camps that will be situated not far from your Spawn areas. Isolate an enemy and deplete their HP in order to get a prompt of the broken shackle on top of their head. It is a queue to throw Simple Jammer on them.

Chaos And Obedience

Once they are immobilized, you can interact with them and open their Inventory. Check their Favorite Food to drag and drop foods that are listed in their favorite foods from your Inventory. They will consume their favorite food which will increase their Obedience level with respect to you at a slow pace.

Keep the Chaos and Obedience bar in check as it is a critical process to convert them into your followers. The chaos bar indicates how long they will be immobilized or stay in a confused state. To reset their Chaos bar throw another Simple Jammer and it will increase the duration of how long they will be confused.

In order to recruit them as your follower, you will need to increase Obedience to the maximum. Once they are obedient, you can interact and Subdue them to gain a Follower. Recall the Follower and you can be able to assign them in any crafting table easily.

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