The Front- How To Get Crude Oil And Use Manual Miner

The FrontIn The Front where the speed of gathering resources determines the rapid growth of your techs and base. Initially having a plan to assign certain resources for crafting new and essential techs for gathering more important resources has always been beneficial while advancing your civilization level.

Getting a Crafting Table and crafting modern machinery such as a Manual Miner is obviously beneficial. Manual Miner makes it simpler and easier to gather Ores and Crude Oil quickly. If you want to learn how it is operated then we have a quick guide for you.

How To Get Crude Oil And Use Manual Miner In The Front

Under the Tech Tab, you can see Manual Miner in the Structures Tree. The basic ingredients are: Iron Ingots, Wood, and an Ether Shard will be needed to craft a Manual Miner. The machinery is used to collect Crude Oil and ores as mentioned earlier. However, how can you operate it?

To operate Manual Miner, hold F to interact and select Oil Collection from the options to gather Crude Oil. You can go AFK and mine Ores or Crude Oil with the Manual Miner which is more efficient than bathing in the sun. It is one of the most efficient ways of collecting resources efficiently at the beginning.

For informative guides on The Front, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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