Roblox Anime Champions Simulator Find All 3 Ancient Stones

Roblox Anime Champions Simulator

In Roblox, Anime Champions Simulator is a fighting exploration game where you collect various anime characters, train, and level up them to fight by your side. In the spirit town, you will find an Ancient Rock, and interacting with it will start a quest called “Soul Rock”.

To reach Spirit Town you need to complete the quest in the cursed city. Then go through the tunnels and repair the teleporter to Spirit Town. To repair the teleporter you will need 2.75B Yen.

Once repaired teleport to Spirit Town, you need to break the the main entrance door. To break it, you will need to have 7.5M DPS. After entering through the main entrance, you need to go towards the right and open one more locked gate. To open this gate, you will need 2.75B Yen.

Once the gate is opened, you will find Takeshi and complete his “Soul Castle” quest by defeating 25 Yujiro, 15 Taro, 10 Misaki, and 3 Ryoichi. Once the quest is completed you need to interact with the Ancient Rock. to obtain the “Soul Rock” quest. Below you will find the location of all three ancient stones.

Roblox Anime Champions Simulator Find All 3 Ancient Stones

To find the first stone, turn left from the Ancient Rock and keep going straight to where you found Takeshi. There on the path to the right, you will find a small vegetable stand. Behind the stand, there will be Ancient Stone.

For the second stone, you need to visit the upper side of the town. From the broken wall entrance keep going straight and on the left, you will find the area shown in the image above. Go inside and check the left side of the building to find the stone.

Just on the opposite side, where you found the second stone, there will be a black portal-like entrance. Go inside and you will teleported to a floating cliff. Zoom out and look down the cliff on the right side to find the final stone.

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