Thief Simulator 2- Location Of Your Confiscated Items In Police Station

Thief Simulator 2Stealth is implemented in your playstyle while playing Thief Simulator 2. Why? Because as a burglar you do not want to be recognized by the Tenants or get called in while trespassing on other’s property. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes. Once you get caught by the Police in Hardcore Mode, all your items will be confiscated and locked in an evidence room. Where is the Evidence room located?

Where Are Your Items Found In Police Station At Thief Simulator 2

After getting caught, you will have the option to spend time in Jail for your misdeeds. However, they do not know what they are dealing with. As a professional burglar, you can lockpick your way out of your cell and even loot the police station. Most importantly, you can get back your items that have been confiscated by the Police.

The floor above your cell would be where you can get the exit key from the Conference Room. In the next room where the Boss cabin is located, you will find the Evidence Room i.e. where your items will be kept along with other boxes filled with evidence of different perpetrators.

Once you get back your items, you can opt to leave or increase your possessions after looting more expensive items from the Police Station. For more informative guides on Thief Simulator 2, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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