Haze Piece Sea Beast Hammer v1 & v2 Roblox How To Get

Haze Piece

In Haze Piece Roblox, there are different types of weapons which are punch, swords, and fruit powers. Each sword and fruit has its own unique abilities. One such sword-type weapon you will come across is the Sea Beast Hammer. There are two versions of it and below you will find how to obtain both.

Haze Piece How To Get Sea Beast Hammer v1

To get the Sea Beast Hammer v1, you will have to first buy an item called “Bottle Of Cola” from the starter island. There you will find a shop called Haze, beside the AFK reward portal. Inside you will find an NPC called Makino. Talk to her and buy the Bottle Of Cola for 1000$.

On the left side of the starter island, you will find Rocky Pillar. Use a boat or your devil fruit ability to reach there and climb the middle tower to the top. There you will find a Mystical wizard whom you need to give the bottle of cola to spawn a sea monster. The Mystical Wizard will not be there always but spawns every 1-3 hours.

Keep an eye on the server chat to find out when the wizard will spawn. Jump down from the rocky pillar to find the sea monster. You need to be of max level or get some friends to help you out as the monster will be too strong. Once defeated the sea monster might drop a Sea Beast Hammer or Sea Beast Armor. There is no guarantee you will get the item on the first try, so keep trying till you get it. Once you have obtained the hammer and armor, it won’t get dropped again.

Haze Piece How To Get Sea Beast Hammer v2

To upgrade the Sea Beast Hammer to v2, you need to first reach the second sea. Once you are there you need to hunt down a white sea beast that will drop an item. The drop chance of the item is 3.5%, so you will need to grind a bit to obtain it. To find the white sea beast, you need to just roam around the ocean and it will spawn near you every 15 minutes. The weapon has three special abilities which are:

  • Shark Attack
  • Havoc Shockwave
  • Water Blast

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