Haze Piece Observation Haki v1, v2, v3 Roblox & Second Sea

Haze Piece Roblox

Haze Piece is a Roblox similar to the One Piece world. In this game, Observation Haki can be used to dodge the enemy’s attacks. There are three levels of observation Haki available in this game. In One Piece Observation, Haki allows you to presence your opponent’s aura and read their moves to dodge them. Similarly in Haze Piece each level of Observation Haki you will be able to dodge the enemies’ attack certain time. To activate the Observation Haki you need to press “R”. Below you will find how to obtain all 3 levels of Observation Haki and reach the second sea.

Haze Piece Observation Haki V1 Location

To get the first observation Haki, you need to level up your character to 600 and then visit the marine island. The cost to buy the Haki V1 will be 150K Beli. On the left side of the island, you will find an NPC called “Level 1 Observation Haki”. Interact with him and buy the Haki. Level 1 observation Haki will allow you to dodge opponent attacks 3 times.

Haze Piece Observation Haki V2 Location

To obtain the level 2 Observation Haki you need to visit the bubble island. Your character needs to be at least level 1500 to obtain the Haki. To cost of buying this Haki V2 will be 200k Beli. You need to find the NPC called “Level 2 Observation Haki”. Obtain the level 2 Observation Haki from him and you will be able to dodge 5 attacks of enemies.

Haze Piece Observation Haki V3 Location & How To Reach Second SeaCave Rocky Pillar

To obtain the V3 Observation Haki, you need to visit the second sea. To reach the second sea, you need to complete a small quest given to you by “Dimensional Sailor”. This NPC will be located on the starter island near the dock. Interact with him and he will ask you to find a Poneglyph scroll.

Look to your left side to find some pillars. You need to visit the Rocky Pillar area and the middle pillar will have an entrance to get inside like a cave. Inside the cave, you will find the Poneglyph that you must interact with to obtain a scroll. Now head back to Starter Island and visit Dimensional Sailor. Hold the scroll in your hand and interact with the NPC. Then you can interact again with the NPC to teleport to the second sea.

Now you need to visit Desert Island and you need to have at least 2500 level and 1 Million Beli to obtain the Observation Haki Level 3. Locate the NPC “Level 3 Observation Haki” and interact with him to obtain it. In Level 3 you will be able to dodge 7 attacks of enemies.

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