Haze Piece Legendary Enma Sword Location Roblox

Haze Piece

In Haze Piece, you will be able to get different types of weapons that have been shown in the popular anime One Piece. One such prominent sword you can obtain is be Enma Sword. It is a powerful, cursed sword crafted by the legendary swordsmith Shimotsuki Kozaburo. Enma is known for its exceptional cutting abilities. This sword was being wielded by the shogun Kozuki Oden and later obtained by Roronoa Zoro. In this game, you need to defeat Kozuki Oden who will be known as Enma Boss to obtain this item. Below you will find where to find this boss and obtain this item easily.

Haze Piece How To Get Legendary Enma Sword

To get the Enma sword you need to first reach the second sea starter island. There in a huge castle, you will find an enemy that just looks like Kozuki Oden. The name of the boss will be Enma Boss and you might have to defeat him multiple times before obtaining the Enma Sword.

The enma sword is quite powerful as shown in the anime itself and in this game it has two abilities which are:

  • Twisting Blade
  • Inferno Impact

You can check out our previous guide HERE on how to reach the second sea. The drop rate of this sword is 10%, so you won’t have to grind much to obtain it. Enma boss level will be 2500, so you need to be at least of the same level and have enough stats on your sword or fruit power to be able to defeat him easily. If you are having trouble defeating him, make a group and defeat him together. You can ask for help in the server chat as well.

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