Haze Piece How To Get 3 Sword Style Roblox

Haze Piece

In Haze Piece Roblox the 3 Sword Style Technique stands as the pinnacle of Roronoa Zoro’s formidable abilities, and obtaining this coveted skill in Haze Piece is no easy feat. To embark on your journey to master this exceptional technique, you must vanquish a central adversary multiple times until he relinquishes a crucial item. As you might have guessed, the formidable opponent in question is none other than Roronoa Zoro himself, attaining a level of 2650.

In order to challenge Zoro, it’s imperative that you are similarly leveled, requiring a minimum level of 2200 to even consider wielding the 3 Sword Style. This level prerequisite serves as a ticket to the second sea, an essential waypoint in your odyssey. For a comprehensive guide on how to access the Second Sea, feel free to peruse our previous guide found HERE. Below you will find where to find Zoro and obtain the 3 sword style.

Haze Piece How To Get 3 Sword Style

Upon your arrival at the second sea, your next destination will be the Snowy Graveyard, a desolate island shrouded in eternal frost. To set foot on this icy terrain, you must initially journey to an island adorned with magnificent cherry blossoms. There, you will find a grand house and a towering cherry blossom tree. Proceed straight directly from this location to ultimately reach the snow-covered island. You can find the location by opening the map from the bottom left side of the game. There select the menu button and click on the island icon with two palm trees to open the map.

Once you find yourself upon this chilling expanse, your quest brings you face to face with none other than Roronoa Zoro himself. You will locate him within the forlorn graveyard, marked by the presence of cross-shaped signs. Remember, Zoro maintains a daunting level of 2650, demanding that you match his prowess to confront him repeatedly. Why the need for multiple encounters? The answer lies in the fact that you require the elusive 3 Sword Style drop from him. The odds of securing this coveted item stand at a mere 1%, and the boss you face possesses formidable strength, ensuring that obtaining this unparalleled style will indeed be a relentless grind.

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