Fortnite- Where And How To Collect Chrono Cells

FortniteThe Mae’s Snapshot questline in Fortnite gives all the players an opportunity to gain rewards, XP, and Rep. One of the quests i.e. the Stage 8 quest of the Mae’s Snapshot needs you to damage Revenant Kado Thorne to collect Chrono-Cells. Where can you find the Revenant Kado Thorne?

Where And How To Collect Chrono Cells At Fortnite

In Zero Build, you can enter the battlefield and specifically jump on the far northwest side of the map i.e. at Eclipsed Estate. The huge estate holds the so-called Revenant Kado Thorne in the basement i.e. Inner Sanctum.

It is currently a hotspot where players are jumping in to complete the same Stage 8 questline i.e. to collect the Chrono Cells i.e. dropped after hitting the Revenant Kado Thorne. It is not difficult to locate the Revenant as all you need to do is head down after entering the estate. Pass through the laser grids and didge the turrets.

You will find multiple chests in the estate to gear up. It is necessary to be aware of the surroundings as there will be multiple players who will be heading to where you are as you have the same goal as theirs. Connect a few shots and Revenant Kado Thorne will drop the Chrono Cells. You can then collect the Chrono Cells to advance to the next stage of Mae’s questline and get 25,000 XP as a reward.

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