Fortnite- How And Where To Play Horde Rush

FortniteFortnite players are excited as a new mode i.e. Horde Rush has been introduced after the recent update. The PvE mode allows you and your friends to battle against a horde of monsters that will relentlessly keep spawning and advance maliciously to eliminate your squad. While exploring and investigating the Horde Rush Quests, the question is where to find the option to get into the Horde Rush and play it in order to complete the quests and reap the rewards.

How And Where To Play Horde Rush In Fortnite

Players are struggling to locate where the new mode is located in-game. To locate and play Horde Rush, you will need to follow the instructions:

  • In the Main Menu, select the Play Tab.
  • Now Scroll Down and go to the category “By Epic” (If it is not showing in the mentioned category then search in “Variety“)
  • Under the mentioned category, you can select the Horde Rush and enjoy the game.

You can form the lobby and enter the confined zone where a horde of cube monsters will spawn. To upgrade your weapons, you will need Cube Monster Parts i.e. obtained from the Chests or Cube Monsters. Enjoy the Fortnitemare and survive at all the new locations that the mode has to offer with your party of strong members.

For more informative guides on Fortnite, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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