Thief Simulator 2- 116 Local Police Station Walkthrough

Thief Simulator 2Thief Simulator 2 is a simulator game where the player takes the role of a burglar who is brewing chaos on Madison Street. As you are guided through a phone call, most of the information of all tenants can be purchased through Dark Browser. Well, who knew that the next stop to loot would be a Local Police Station?

116 Local Police Station Walkthrough For Thief Simulator 2

Once you have unlocked the Level 2 Lockpicking Skill after accumulating experience through various tasks, your next location of business would be a local Police Station. Practice Level 2 lockpicking skill in your Hideout to master it as you will be needing it in the future.

The phone call will guide you to buy the information through Robotips about 116. This mission will require you to break into the police station and rescue an associate who is stuck inside the jail. Here’s what you need to do!

Get Caught By The Police And Go To Jail

To get caught all you need to do is trespass on other properties and once police are called. Simply confront them and they will tase you to the ground. Go to Jail.

Break Out The Associate From Her Jail Cell

Use your Lockpicking skill Level 2 to unlock the jail cell you are trapped in. Do not lockpick in front of the officer. Use the Planning Mode and check their routine. Once you see an opening, go for lockpicking and escape from your cell. Free the associate by lockpicking her cell.

Escape Jail Together (Find the Exit Key)

As an aspiring thief, you should not miss the chance to loot all the valuables from the local police station. All the tips will come in handy to plan where to go next.

Move upstairs from where the security camera was operational. Avoid all the tenants as you explore the areas and steal all the valuables. As you already have the tip, make your way to the Conference room on the 1st Floor and pick the Exit key. Once you have stolen all the valuables and plan to exit the local police station, head to the stairs and ascend all the way up to where the Exit Door is located. (The same stairs that you took from the cell room will lead you to the Exit door)

Once you have escaped together, she will become your associate and assist you during your plan to break in. For more informative guides on Thief Simulator 2, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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