Forza Motorsport 2023 How To Level Up Cars Level 50 Quickly

Forza Motorsport

In Forza Motorsport 2023 to reach level 50 for any car, you need to keep racing with it. Be it a practice race or an event race. With each race, you will earn some car exp points and level up your cars. Leveling up the cars will grant you new parts, that you can install to make your car faster and better handle. You can spend the car points to buy car parts and by selling the parts you can get your car points refunded. So don’t forget to experiment with your car with different parts to find the most suitable one. Below you will find a trick to reach car level 50 quickly and effortlessly.

Forza Motorsport 2023 How To Reach Level 50 Car Quickly

To reach level 50 with any car, you need to first start a free-play race from the race menu, and then select the advanced setup. Select the game type as circuit race and change the track to “Le Mans – Circuit International de la Sarthe”. Select the number of laps to 50 and at the bottom of the screen you will find “Number of Drivatars”. Change it to 0, so that only you will be racing on the track.

After selecting these settings, start the race, and you will visit the pitstop, you need to make a few changes. Make sure the difficulty setting is selected as club rules, in this setting you don’t have to visit the pit stop to change tires and refill fuel.

Then go to settings and select the “Driving Assists” menu. There you need to make a few changes which are:

  • Global Assists Preset – Maximum
  • Braking – Fully Assisted
  • Throttle – Assisted
  • Steering – Fully Assisted
  • Shifting – Automatic

After selecting these settings start the race and you will find your car driving automatically. Yes, that is the trick, you don’t have to sit for an hour for the laps to complete. The car will drive the circuit automatically and level up. You can leave the race in the middle and you will still get car points till the laps you have completed.

Note: Every 15 minutes the game will prompt you if you are still playing. So make sure to press any key before that and you are good to go for another 15 minutes.

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