Assassin Creed Mirage Unlock House of Wisdom Gear Chest

Assassin Creed Mirage

In Assassin Creed to obtain weapons and outfits, you need to find the gear chest located in different areas of Bagdadh. One such treasure chest can be found in the house of wisdom, that is being guarded by the enemies. You will have to find a key to the locked door, break a crumbling ceiling wall and reach the gear chest to obtain Abbasid Knight Sword. The sword deals 30% more light damage when you hp is below 50%. Below you will find where to find the key and how to reach the gear chest.

Assassin Creed Mirage Where To Find The Key

To reach the gear chest in the house of wisdom, you will have to open a locked door. While you can roam freely on the ground floor, the gear chest is located on the top floor which is heavily guarded. The key will be located with a NPC, near an astronomical device on the rooftop. You need to defeat a few guards.

Using your eagle vision inside the house of wisdom won’t show you the location of the key. You need to use Enkidu and fly over the House of Wisdom to find the key notification. The exact location of the key is shown in the image above. On the right side of House Of Wisdom on the rooftop, you will find the NPC that has the key. Once you find the key, pickpocket it and open the locked door.

Assassin Creed Mirage How To Reach The House Of Wisdom Gear Chest

After opening the locked door, you will find a crumbling wall on the ceiling that you need to break in order to reach the gear chest. Come out of the locked room, go towards the left side and you will find a pulley to go up and reach a wooden platform. Follow the platform path to reach a few crates and a window on the left side.

Look inside the window to find a chandelier, and use your eagle vision to find the weak spot and throw a knife to break the chandelier. This will destroy the crumbling wall on the ceiling and you will unlock the path to reach the treasure chest. Now go through the locked room, and climb the ladder to reach the chest. Inside the chest, you will find the Abbasid Knight Sword.

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